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Check Out The New Expendables 2 and GI Joe Retaliation Trailers

Check Out The New Expendables 2 and GI Joe Retaliation Trailers

We wait patiently for months for even the smallest bits of news of the Expendables 2 and GI Joe Retaliation and then one day we wake up to find two glorious HD trailers. Happy days!

First up we have the Expendables 2, the sequel to excellent all out 80's style action movie that starred pretty much every action movie star of the last last 30 years. In fact the only omissions from the last movie have all decided to sign up ready for the sequel!

They are going to have to go some to out do the action from the first movie, but looking at the trailer, we won't be disappointed.

We also have the trailer for G I Joe Retaliation, the sequel to the somewhat panned GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Whilst the original may have been pretty poorly received, the trailer for Retaliation does give me hope that the producers have learned from the mistakes of the first one and have made what looks like is going to be a good action movie. I think the fact that they have dropped the 2 from the title seems to imply that they are trying to distance themselves from the original.

Date Added: 15/12/2011

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